Community Finance LLC

Community Finance LLC

Helping customers bring home
the products they really want.

<strong><strong>Bring home your purchase today!</strong></strong>

Low Payment Plans

Take the products home today that you really want with a low installment payment plan.

Payoff Whenever You Like

You can payoff at any time and there
are never any prepayment costs.

Simple and Easy to Use

Fill out the online application, get approved,
take home the product(s) – simple!

Secure Application

Community Finance is Norton Security Certified.

Welcome Customers

Purchase the product you want. Community Finance will process your application quickly without any fees. At the time of signing your agreement, Community Finance will process your first payment. We will then directly ACH your payments automatically during the lease so you can spend more time enjoying your purchase.


Welcome Partners

Offer your customers a way to immediately purchase your products and increase sales by 20% – 30% with a consumer financing option. Community Finance offers solutions for physical stores and e-commerce retailers through a variety of integrated solutions. Please contact our team to discuss these solutions.


Our Values

We know that when you do business with a company you expect to have that business managed in a professional way. Here at Community Finance our staff has many years of financing experience. Your account will always be managed and accounted for in the most professional manner possible.


Welcome to the Community!
Fill out an application with Community Finance today! APPLY NOW! Norton Secured
Fill out an application with Community Finance today! APPLY NOW! Norton Secured